Urban Meyer’s Basement Is Flooded And It Looks Like He Was Due For A New TV Anyway


There are certain things you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, and a flooded basement is one of them. So even Michigan fans have to feel a little bad for Urban Meyer, who is dealing with that problem after heavy rains this weekend.

His wife shared a picture of the damage on Twitter and in doing so revealed some fun facts about the Meyers’ basement.


First, you’d expect them to have a better television. But then again, perhaps natural disasters like this are precisely why you put a clunker downstairs. Knowing Urban, his second- and third-string televisions are probably better than this one anyway.

Secondly, there is Rock Band being played. If I had to guess, I’d say Coach is on drums when they rock out.

And lastly … is that a vuvuzela? You don’t see those every day.

[H/T: Big Ten Network]