Hockey Fans Are Roasting These Awful Jerseys Team USA Unveiled Ahead Of The Winter Olympics

USA 2022 winter olympics hockey jersey reactions

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  • Fans are not impressed with the hockey jerseys Team USA will wear at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing
  • The sweaters were roasted online after they were unveiled on Wednesday
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On Tuesday, the New Jersey Devils unveiled the first alternate jersey in franchise history, which also has the proud distinction of being the first hockey jersey with a logo that lets other people know what type of article of clothing you’re wearing.

Those new sweaters didn’t exactly garner a flood of positive reactions following their debut, so I can only imagine the Devils’ social media team is absolutely thrilled with the gift it received when USA Hockey revealed the jerseys the teams representing America will rock at the 2022 Olympics.

“Duds” is the perfect word to describe those uniforms, as it’s hard to think of a more underwhelming route Team USA could’ve gone down—especially when you compare them to the jerseys that will be worn by their rivals in Canada.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to the simply gorgeous sweaters that Finland will play in, which are pretty damn hard to top.

Based on how fans of Team USA reacted to the new Winter Olympics jerseys, it’s pretty safe to say Nike isn’t going to have a ton of trouble keeping them in stock.

Welp, at least there’s always 2026.

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