Extra Weight Of High-Tech Chips Inserted Into USFL Footballs Reportedly Causing Problems For QBs And Kickers

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  • Before the start of their 2022 season, the USFL showed off new chip tech inside their footballs that would eliminate the need for first down chains.
  • QBs and kickers are now reportedly complaining about the extra weight of the high-tech chips inside the footballs.
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The USFL has been using new technology this season to set itself apart from the NFL, but some of that new tech is causing some problems for players.

Before the league’s first game, the USFL revealed they would have chips implanted in their footballs to determine if the ball has crossed the first-down marker without manual measurements.

Via CBS Sports

The measuring system is similar to the replay system tennis uses to determine if a ball is in or out. The league has a chip placed in every football and a virtual yellow first-down line that will measure if the ball crossed the first down line or not via the virtual replay system.

Quarterbacks and kickers are reportedly already complaining that the weight of the high-tech chips inside the footballs is not evenly distributed, and it’s messing with their ability to play the game.

It’ll be interesting to see if the USFL listens to the players or continues to play with the footballs without fixing the problem.

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