USFL Michigan Panthers Players Fight Each Other On The Sideline While Mic’d Up


  • The USFL has been showing off their innovations for this season, including putting mics on most of the players on the field.
  • Two Michigan Panthers players were caught on camera fighting each other on the sidelines on Sunday and the USFL immediately released the audio of the altercation.
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The USFL has brought several innovations for their restart season, making their games more interesting for the viewers at home.

Over the weekend, the USFL showed off their drone camera angles as one of the new innovations for this season.

The USFL also has most of the players on the field wearing mics so fans can listen into candid moments between players.

Thanks to the USFL putting mics on players, we were able to hear an altercation between two Michigan Panthers players on the sidelines on Sunday.

So far some of the best moments in the USFL have been the hot mic moments.