These 3 Workout Accessories Can Make Your Vacation Workouts Intense Without Taking Up Your Entire Suitcase

Vacation time can be the one time that you happen not to make it to the gym and end up blowing up your progress like it was a Michael Bay film. For some reason, this year you decided to vacation in a place where there are no gyms for miles, or maybe you are headed overseas, and you can only carry so much on the plane, and a squat rack probably won’t make it past the TSA. There are three tools that you can take with you no matter where you go that easily stow away in your luggage.

Exercise Bands

Sure they seem silly and dumb, who ever got shredded off of rubber bands? What can they really do for me? Resistance bands can do a lot in fact. Bands can stimulate muscle growth because they actually make it easier to keep constant tension on your muscles. Plus, they are a great tool to use when your body needs a break from all the heavy lifting you are accustomed to. They take up about as much room as a pair of underwear, are inexpensive, and can be used for all the same exercises you already perform.

When using resistance bands aim for reps of 12-15 and to help keep the heart rate up perform your exercises as a circuit, for example:

Resistance Band Bent-Over Row- 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Shoulder Press- 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Squat 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Reverse Fly 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Curls 12-15 reps

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Jump Rope

So you got a little pump with your bands but still want to get your heart rate up to burn some serious calories. Enter your second tool: the jump rope. Jump ropes are easy to pack and store anywhere. Heck you can even by weighted jump ropes! Pack a cheap jump rope in your luggage and perform 10 rounds of 30-45 seconds of “jumping” to keep your heart rate high and burning those calories.

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TRX Ropes


TRX Ropes

You will want to pack these in your checked baggage because I doubt you get these things through TSA security. Next to CrossFit and battery-powered automobiles, suspension trainers are the hottest things on the market. TRX ropes can be costly if you buy their brand but there are plenty of knockoffs. These are designed to be transportable as well as durable and allow you to use your bodyweight as the training stimulus. They can be attached to a door, a fence, a pole or any other stable surface that they can latch onto. If you have them use these simple movements to get a killer TRX workout in.

TRX Jump Squats- 12 reps

TRX Rows- 12 reps

TRX Hamstring Pull In- 12 reps

TRX Chest Press- 12 reps

TRX Bicep Curl- 12 reps

TRX Single Leg Squat- 12 reps

When all else fails, and you can’t pack any of these tools in your luggage you could just use your luggage as added weight to bodyweight movements like squats, overhead presses, floor presses and this time instead of using dumbbells for suit case carries you will actually have a suitcase to carry! So when you get to the hotel skip the elevator and take the stairs with your luggage for a little extra holiday workout!

These three tools can easily be packed in your suitcase when you head out on vacation, or if you travel a lot for business. No Bro should have to force himself to go to the hotel gym and get on the elliptical just to get a workout in.

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