NFL Prospect Lukas Van Ness’s Sisters Are Going Viral Because Of The Draft

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Every year some prospect’s family member goes viral during or around the NFL Draft.

Last year it was Aria Hutchinson, the sister of first round pick Aidan Hutchinson who went on to compete in, and win, the Miss Michigan Pageant.

The year before that it was first round pick Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa Wilson who went viral.

This year, at least so far, it is the sisters of Iowa defensive lineman Lukas Van Ness, Hanna and Ella Van Ness, who are going viral on Thursday ahead of the NFL Draft.

While Hanna, probably wisely, has her Instagram account set to private, her sister Ella Van Ness, who is also a student at the University of Iowa, does not and has shared numerous photos of herself and her siblings. (Their parents are also both Iowa graduates.)

Their brother Lukas Van Ness is about have his life change very drastically as he is projected to be selected in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. has him going to the Patriots with pick number 14. Pro Football Focus has him going eighth to the Chicago Bears.

Based on the buzz being generated on Thursday, Lukas isn’t the only member of his family about to see their life change.

As of this writing, Ella Van Ness has just 2,659 followers on Instagram and Hanna has an even 2,000.

Assuming Ella and Hanna attend the NFL Draft with their brother those numbers are going to skyrocket. Ella Van Ness will especially be affected since Hanna’s Instagram is private.

Ella Van Ness, according to her Instagram posts, graduated from high school in 2022 which would make her a freshman at the University of Iowa this year.

She is also a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamme sorority at the school.

Ella, Hanna and Lukas also have a brother Devan who, like his brother, plays defensive end and outside linebacker at Barrington High School in Illinois where the junior also competes in lacrosse.

Keep an eye out for all of them when the NFL Draft airs Thursday night.