Police Release Footage Of Venus Williams’ Fatal Car Accident And She May No Longer Be At Fault

by 9 months ago

You have probably heard by now, but the estate of 78-year-old Jerome Barson has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Venus Williams for a June 9th car accident that resulted in his death. Jerome’s wife, Linda Barson, was driving and police initially found Venus Williams at fault.

Surveillance footage was taken from the nearby guard gate of a Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood and since the release of this footage, the police have had to reassess whether or not Venus Williams was at fault. And after seeing the footage, Palm Beach Gardens police spokesman Maj. Paul Rogers gave a statement and said that no official blame has been determined in this case. This doesn’t mean that she’s completely off the hook. Further investigation could certainly find Venus at fault, but her legal position just became a lot stronger.

If you check out the footage above, what you’ll see is Venus Williams stopped at the red light in her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV. When the light changes and she goes to drive through the green light she’s then cut off by a car making a left turn, and this causes her to pause in the middle of the intersection. Once that car passes out of her way she continues to proceed through the intersection that she’s now blocking because of the car that cut her off, and that’s when Linda Barson and her husband blow into the side of Venus Williams’ car.

After this footage surfaced the Palm Beach Gardens police rescinded their original statement that Venus Williams was at fault for the deadly crash. You can read a full report of the accident here on NPR as well as Venus Williams’ Facebook post addressing the issue.

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