Verne Troyer Shows No Regard For Human Life As He Brings The ‘Drive By Dunk Challenge’ To A Glorious End

Ah, Drive By Dunk Challenge, we barely knew ye. James Harden showed us the most luxurious Drive By Dunk Challenge. Danny Ainge’s son nearly killed his pops with his version of it. And who will ever forget the many, many Drive By Dunk Challenge fails that made their way to the web, and our hearts?

Today, however, we say adieu to yet another viral internet trend as none other than Verne Troyer, the man who showed no mercy to Antonio Brown in a game of Madden, brings the Drive By Dunk Challenge to a most fitting end.

Watch as Troyer shows no mercy to the toddler hoop, throws the ball at the cameraman, then drives off in his mini-sports car like the goddamn boss that he is.


[protected-iframe id=”92ca9c34a55b6125e924e260396d0a0d-97886205-92827192″ info=”//” height=”357″ class=”apester-media”]

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