Graphic Video Allegedly Shows Saints’ Junior Galette Whipping Woman With His Belt During Beach Fight

A video from 2013 has emerged showing New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette taking part in an altercation on a Miami beach, in which he uses his belt as a weapon, violently striking an involved female twice.

The worst part is, the Saints front office just admitted they were previously aware of Galette’s deplorable, disturbing actions.

To be clear, this is the same man that was arrested on January 5 on simple battery charges after a 22-year-old woman called police on him.

The uncovering of this 2013 video comes courtesy of Larry Holder of

The Saints were aware of the video and sent it to the NFL office.

“We were made aware of the video and we sent it to the league office,” Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said. “There is a process this will go through at the league-office level and we are waiting on that to be determined.”

The NFL had no comment on the video. Galette’s agent Alvin Keels did not respond to requests for comment.

The video opened with Galette, wearing a white shirt, white shorts, white shoes and sunglasses, fighting a man and then whipping him with a belt. As the fight broke up, Galette wildly swung his belt at onlookers.

At the 14-second mark of the clip a woman wearing a swimsuit top and green shorts approached Galette, who again swung his belt, striking her at least twice. One of the onlookers shouted “You’re going to jail!” as Galette was escorted away.

Galette reappeared at the 1:18 mark of the video without sunglasses and shoved several people before throwing a punch as two others fought. The recording lasts 1:44.

That’s one minute and 44 seconds too long. Get this scumbag out of the NFL and into a prison cell.

UPDATE: 5:35pm EST

Doing what attorneys get paid to do, Junior Galette’s legal counsel is denying the claim that it is the Saints player in the video.


However, you can be the judge of that.


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