Video Emerges Of Sergio Garcia Throwing His Driver At His Caddie During The Open After A Bad Shot

Video Sergio Garcia Throws Driver At Caddie During Open Championship

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If they ever decide to reboot Arrested Development again, the producers should really take a look at adding 2017 Masters champion Sergio Garcia to the cast. Because even at 39-years-old, dude has clearly, as some new video from this year’s Open Championship shows, still not grown up.

Once again, Garcia finds himself in a situation where he will probably be forced to apologize for his behavior on a golf course.

In 1999, Garcia took off his shoe and threw it into the gallery after making a bad shot. In 2002, he flipped off fans at the U.S. Open.

In 2007, he spit into the cup after missing a putt at Doral. In 2011, Garcia threw his club into a lake after hitting a bad tee shot.

In 2013, he apologized to Tiger Woods for making racist comments that were “totally stupid and out of place.”

Earlier this year, Garcia threw a tantrum in a bunker and got himself DQ’d for damaging greens during a tournament in Saudi Arabia.

And those are just the instances of Garcia’s bratty behavior that I can think of off the top of my head.

Today we can add another one, however, as new video has emerged showing Garcia throwing his club at his caddie after a tee shot at the 2019 Open Championship.

After hitting his tee shot left, Garcia ignored the volunteer pointing the way to his ball, started walking forward and without looking back fired his club at his caddie, making an audible sound when it connected, and shocking the crowd that watched Garcia’s childish display unfold right in front of them.

Oh yeah, the caddie? That was Victor Garcia, Sergio’s brother. That’s right, his brother.

Golf Twitter was, once again, not happy with Garcia’s misbehavior.

After seeing Garcia’s behavior earlier this year, fellow PGA Tour pro Brooks Koepka said, “It’s frustrating as a player to see, to act like that, to disrespect everybody. To act like a child out there is not cool. It’s not setting a good example and it’s not cool to us, showing us no respect or anybody else.”

It would appear that, somehow, Garica has still not gotten the message.