This Video Of Wisconsin Fans Welcoming The Team Back To Their Hotel Is Why Sports Are Awesome

by 3 years ago

Wisconsin deserved every bit of praise they received for beating Kentucky last night. Taking down an undefeated powerhouse who was pegged earlier in the season to be an NBA playoff team by an opposing coach, is a full-life lived for most people.

And drawing the highest TV rating for an NCAA semifinal in 22 years so that all of America can witness the greatest moment of your existence, is a feeling I can only achieve by eating a rock of molly.

The unluckiest person in America last night was the traveling life insurance salesman in room 2B trying to get a wink of sleep through that chaos. The cheering fades, but the animalistic sex parties must must have been on full tilt through the closing of the continental breakfast.

Also, if you were a Badger’s fan in that hotel lobby with a penis and an ounce of bro-brain and you didn’t tell the front desk you lost your room key so you could go up there and cash in on the groupies waiting their turn, that is a missed opportunity that should haunt you in the shower for decades.


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