Vikings Troll Aaron Rodgers By Recruiting Ex-Girlfriend Olivia Munn

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The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings don’t play each other until October 15, but that didn’t stop the Vikings from kicking off the long-time rivalry early with some trolling. Right now, Olivia Munn, Josh Duhamel (a diehard Vikings fan), Dax Shepard, and Nick Swardson are in Vancouver filming an upcoming comedy movie titled “The Buddy Games.” Swardson, who is a Minnesota fan and was wearing a Prince shirt with a Vikings hat, and Munn had some free time from filming and posed for a photo.

Three hours later, the official Vikings Twitter account trolled Munn’s ex Aaron Rodgers by recruiting Olivia.

The moment when Aaron Rodgers sees that tweet.

Actually, Rodgers seems to be doing just fine and allegedly dating 24-year-old pro soccer player Marie Margolius.

But still…