Villanova Star Donte DiVincenzo’s Old Vulgar Tweets Resurface And Go Viral After Nova Wins National Championship

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During tonight’s National national championship against Michigan, Villanova’s Donte Divincenzo had the game of his life and lead his team to lopsided win with his excellent. After the game Divincenzo was awarded the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four, after dropping 31 points, which included consecutive three-pointers to put away the Wolverines early in the second half.

Unfortunately for Divincenzo, minutes after the team won the National Championship several of his old vulgar tweets began to go viral in a hurry.

Update: DiVincenzo confirmed the Twitter account was his but says he didn’t remember sending those tweets.

Via USA Today

“It’s my account, yes,’’ he said. “But I never remember doing that.”

When asked who else could have been responsible for the tweet, he replied, “That’s a good question.’’

The tweet was deleted after a reporter asked a question about it.

Villanova initially released a statement saying the account had been hacked and was deactivated but later deleted the statement about 20 minutes later.

DiVincenzo said he has not been active on Twitter since 2016 but it seems like it’s pretty clear that he was the one who sent the tweets which were made between 2011 and 2013