Von Miller Wants NFL To Ban Leonard Fournette’s Block On Micah Parsons

Von Miller isn’t a fan of the chip block in the NFL.

During Sunday’s Bucs-Cowboys game, Leonard Fournette lit up Micah Parsons with a nasty chip block.

Parsons called Fournette a “straight-p*ssy” for blocking him while he wasn’t looking.

Bucs head coach Todd Bowles said he was OK with the block because it’s legal in the game.

Bills defensive end Von Miller chimed in and called for the NFL to ban Fournette’s block from the game.

This block must be taken out of the game ! This is the future and we are just letting the offense tee off on our marquee pass rushers! You can get the job done without this much contact!

Fans didn’t like Miller’s suggestion to change the rulebook and blasted him over his comment.

“Football is almost obsolete. A game predicated on LITERAL violence can never be “SAFE”. It will continued to be nitpicked until it simply isn’t”

“I’m gonna have to disagree on this. Of it was a chop block I’d agree, but taking this block out the game means we must eliminate all double teams. Because a chip block is essentially a quick double then release”

“Stop it. League already softer than a fat broads fupa. Mad over a chip block…tell Micah to go inside next time.”

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