Washington Football Team Has Reportedly Decided On A Name And The List Of Options Is Weak

Washington Football Team New Name

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  • The Washington Football Team’s search for a new name has reportedly come to a close.
  • A list of eight names has been released and none of them are particularly exciting.
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The Washington Football Team is reportedly one step closer to reaching a new name. Per D.C. insider Kevin Sheehan, the organization has narrowed down its search to three teams— a first choice, a plan B and a Plan C. He also says that it will not be keeping the ‘Washington Football Team’ moniker.

Should the Team’s first choice fall through for whatever reason, Sheehan says that it will fall back on the rest of its top three.

Sheehan’s report comes one day after WFT co-Owner and co-CEO Tanya Synder joined The Adam Schefter Podcast. During the appearance, she confirmed that the organization has three final names in mind. Snyder also provided eight (previously released) names that are in the mix.

When Schefter asked if those are the choices, she said yes.

Schefter:”Those are the candidates, right?”

Snyder: “That’s right. Has that been said?”

Schefter:”That’s been said, yes.”

However, the Football Team backtracked on Wedneday and wanted to clarify that it was not the final list of eight names. Sheehan didn’t buy it.


It is assumed that the top choice was included in Synder’s list, which included the following (in no particular order):

  • Red Hogs
  • Defenders
  • Armada
  • Presidents
  • Brigade
  • Commanders
  • Red Wolves
  • Washington Football Team

Sheehan says that it is not the Washington Football Team, which narrows it down to seven. Each of them are either terrible or incredibly meh-inducing.

The Red Hogs would be objectively hilarious, so that is my top choice. However, comedic reasoning aside, the Red Wolves, Armada, or Brigade probably make the most sense…

Even though they are each very lame. I would be curious to know what a logo looks like for the Presidents, because that could be a cool way to tie in Washington D.C. if executed properly. The Defenders was already used by the city’s XFL team so that shouldn’t be it, and the Commanders just doesn’t jump off of the page.

In truth, if the Washington Football Team has a good season — and it might — they might abandon ship and stick with the generic name. It could be worse. It could be the Red Hogs!

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