3 Ways To Combat All Those Hunger Cravings While Trying To Lose Fat

by 3 years ago

You’re shredding fat, the scale is moving, and every morning in the mirror all you can think is: “damn, I look good.”

Half way through your day, though, it hits you.

The battle in your mind has begun and it’s taking everything you have to fight.

At the end of the day, the battle is still raging and your army of willpower and discipline look as if they’re losing. You’re about to give in and wave the white flag and surround to your craving.

We’ve all been there, bros. Standing in our kitchen, staring down that pint of ice cream, that bottle of whiskey, or that container of peanut butter.

God, you haven’t wanted anything so bad since that girl you crushed on in high school.

But you’re shredding fat for summer. And if your program doesn’t call for a cheat day or you can’t fit your temptation into your macros, what the hell are you supposed to do?

How do you fight these cravings and win the battle without surrendering to your desires?

It won’t be easy at times. But these are the three tricks I employed to keep myself on track and fight back hunger while getting lean.

#1 – Hydrate

Bobby Boucher had it right: water is better.

Those hunger pangs you’re feeling might actually be your body trying to tell you that you’re dehydrated. Most of us confuse these signals and assume that we’re hunger, so we eat.


Because nature hates us that’s why.

The same part of our brain that handles telling us we’re hungry is also responsible for sending out thirst signals. Our damned brains can’t tell the difference and send us mixed messages.

Your craving for ice cream could be your brain trying to tell you, “bro, I’m thirsty but I don’t know how to tell you that, so instead you should eat some ice cream, even if that’s not what I want.”

God, that sounds like half of my ex-girlfriends.

My point bro, drink water. Lots of it.

It fills up your stomach, sending signals to your brain that it’s full and doesn’t need anything.

That doesn’t mean ONLY drink water all day and skip food. When those cravings come knocking, though, open the door and throw some water in its face.

#2 Distract Yourself

Don’t sit at home and roll around screaming to the heavens about how hungry you are.

How many times in your past have you eaten food only because you were bored?

You sit in front of the TV and binge on Game of Thrones or Daredevil mindlessly munching on cookies, ice cream, peanuts, and wash it all down with 3 or 4 beers.

If you’re dirty bulking, go ahead and munch away, but you’re trying to get lean for the beach and calories matter.

Distract yourself by going for a walk, which now is really an excuse to whip out your phone and play Pokemon GO.

Catch Pokemon while you get ripped, where was this when I was a fat kid growing up?

Distract yourself with that dusty guitar in the corner. Fire up Destiny or Fallout 4 or read that book you’ve been putting off for awhile.

When cravings come at you, find a fun and creative activity that will distract your mind from the fridge.

#3 Chew on Gum

A University of Rhode Island study found that chewing gum helped lower your desire to eat, not to mention helps you burn more calories.

The stimulation of the nerves in your jaw muscles from chewing sends signals to the appetite area of your brain, curbing your desire to eat.

Not only will you have fresher breath, which your friends, family, and colleagues will thank you for, but you’ll also be shielding yourself from the battle lines with hunger.

Ease the Fight with Hunger

Dieting sucks, we all know this. But every year, we have to get ourselves ready for beach season, and every year, we have to battle with hunger.

Make the battle easier by taking these tips with you and stand strong against the forces of hunger.