NFL Week 11 Gambling Recap: Sportsbooks Got Crushed, One Better Won $400K On The Colts, Another Lost $500K On The Eagles

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With Week 11 of the NFL season almost in the books, only Monday Night Football is left, it is time again to look back at Sunday’s gambling action. To make a long story short, the house got rocked this week.

Some sportsbooks are saying it was their second-worst week of the season but that’s fine because they’d been raking in huge wins recently and were bound to take a swing in the other direction at some point.

What caused the sportsbooks to get crushed? It basically boiled down to the Cowboys, Patriots, and Saints all covering. According to the Action Network, 93% of the money on the Cowboys-Lions was on the Cowboys. Similarly, 91% of the money on the Eagles-Patriots was on the Patriots.

Before we take a look at some of this week’s biggest wins let us first glance at the massive losses, one of which came in that Eagles-Patriots game where some gambler but $560K on the Eagles (+4.5) against the Patriots and lost out on a cool half of a million dollars.

Another massive loser put $440,000 on the Buccaneers (+5) vs. the Saints to win $400,000 and lost that when the Bucs got smoked. I took the Bucs in my ‘pick em’ pool so I totally get this guy’s anguish. Me losing a pick easily hurt as bad as this person losing $440,000 on the Buccaneers after Jameis Winston coughed up 4 interceptions AGAIN.

Someone threw $77,000 to win $70K on the Raiders (-11.5) over the Bengals (loss) and this gambler also still has $88,000 to win $80K on the Chiefs (-4) versus the Chargers tonight.

This person was out $100,000 on the Bears on Sunday Night Football:

The Cardinals-49ers led to some of the worst bad beats in NFL history due to a completely fluke play to end the game.

This person got crushed:

How about those massive wins though?

Via Action Network:

$560,000 to win $400,000 on Colts Moneylines (-140) vs. Jaguars

$100,000 to win $145,000 on a three-team teaser of Browns +3.5, Eagles +10 and Rams pick’em

Another bettor wagered $88,000 to win $80,000 on the New York Jets (+2.5).

This freak of a bettor out there who hit a 15-leg parlay less than a month ago KILLED IT AGAIN with a 13-leg parlay for $239,000.

Someone put down$60,000 on DraftKings to win only $9,600 against the Bengals (-625). Thankfully, that paid out but that’s a lot of $$$$ to put up on unfavorable odds and that always makes me nervous.

For a full rundown of the sports gambling action from the NFL’s Week 11, you can click here to visit Rovell’s in-depth recap over on The Action Network.