West Virginia WR Pays Homage To NFL Stars With ‘Dog Pee’ TD Celebration During Spring Game


  • Odell Beckham Jr. got the fake dog pee celebration trend started in 2017.
  • Despite the bizarre nature of the celebration, it made its way to 2022 during WVU’s spring game on Saturday.
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They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well, Odell Beckham Jr. must be lauded because his craziest touchdown celebration has transcended across multiple generations of college football.

Back in 2017, Beckham Jr. was still a member of the Giants. After scoring a touchdown in the early season against the Eagles, he celebrated by going to the ground, getting on all fours, and hiking his leg like a dog peeing.

Later that year, as Ole Miss put a beatdown on in-state rivals Mississippi State, D.K. Metcalf scored a long touchdown to all-but put the game away. After reaching the end zone, he proceeded to fake dog pee just like Beckham.

And then, two years later, Elijah Moore did the same thing. His, however, was more chaotic.

After scoring a touchdown with just seconds left in the game against Mississippi State, Moore hiked his leg and fake peed. He received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the celebration, the point-after was pushed back, Ole Miss missed and the Rebels lost.

In the end, the loss couldn’t have been better for Ole Miss. Without Moore’s fake dog pee, the Rebels may not have fired their head coach, whom they replaced with Lane Kiffin. It goes much deeper, but basically, if Moore had not pretended to pee in the Egg Bowl, Kiffin would not be the head coach at Ole Miss and Mike Leach would not be the head coach at Mississippi State.

On Saturday, West Virginia wide receiver Same James got in on the fake dog pee celebration trend.

During the Mountaineers’ spring game, James got loose for a long touchdown.

He made a great over-the-shoulder catch and scored.

After finding paydirt, James got down on his hands and knees, kicked his leg up to the side and pretended to pee in homage to those who had come before him.

James’ fake pee likely will not have the same ramifications as Moore’s, but he did receive a penalty for the celebration.

James’ fake pee was a touching tribute to Moore, Metcalf and Beckham Jr., but it’s hard to imagine that it went over particularly well with the coaching staff.