Western Kentucky Takes A Page Out Of The Little Giants Playbook On This Awesome Fake Kneel Trick Play

by 1 year ago


With a 28-17 lead over Memphis in the Boca Raton Bowl and about 30 seconds left in the first half, everyone expected WKU QB Mike White to take a knee and go into the locker room with a cushy double digit lead. AW FUCK NAH! Western Kentucky knew that in order for their Boca Raton Bowl to make national headlines, they’d have to dip into the playbook of Danny O’Shea and the Little Giants SPIKE DON’T PLAY WITH GIRLS.

Western Kentucky’s secured a 51-31 win over Memphis, capping off a double-digit win season (11-3) and winning its second straight Conference USA title. But most importantly, a fat guy touchdown!!

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