NFL Fans Have A Problem With What Roger Goodell Told Chiefs’ Chris Jones After Super Bowl

chris jones celebrates super bowl roger goodell

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones raised a lot of eyebrows with their lengthy embrace following Super Bowl LVII.

In mic’d up video following the game, Jones is seen giving Goodell a giant bear hug, lifting him clean off the ground, screaming with joy.

“Congratulations, man. That was awesome,” Goodell can be heard telling Jones.

That strange scene was more than enough for the many conspiracy theorists out there to once again shout, “Rigged!”

“When the script writers see it executed to perfection,” another fan commented.

Other fans called the scene unprofessional and wondered, “Why doesn’t he have to answer to this? No accountability.”

The clip of Roger Goodell and Chris Jones embracing turned out to be nothing compared to a longer version of the hug.

In the extended clip, after the big bear hug, Goodell can be heard telling Jones, “I don’t care, I don’t care how you hit the quarterback.”

That comment by the NFL commissioner elicited a laugh and a huge smile from Chris Jones who then whispered something into Goodell’s ear that couldn’t be picked up by the microphone.

Needless to say, this entire bizarre, suspicious encounter between Roger Goodell and the Chiefs’ Chris Jones led to even more NFL rigged speculation.

“WWE is more real than this league,” another fan tweeted.

“What a great look for the national football league lol,” another fan commented.

“Explain yourself Mr. Goodell. @nflcommish,” someone else wrote.

Perhaps Goodell was referring to the awful roughing the passer call that was made against Jones versus the Raiders back in October?

“What you want me to do? I’m running full speed, trying to get the quarterback. What you want me to do? I braced my hands,” Jones said after the call.

Even if that is was what Goodell was referring to after the Super Bowl, it still doesn’t make it any less weird.