Who Had The Better 72 Win Season: Michael Jordan Or Steph Curry?

Can you even compare? Well, I guess using statistics you definitely can. As this video shows, Steph Curry was the far more accurate shooter out of the duo, but MJ was without a doubt the more prodigious defender in his day. And although you can cite steals and blocks all you want, defensive pressure is something more difficult to quantify that offensive prowess.

Regardless, it’s utterly amazing that Golden State was able to surpass the Bulls’ 72-win mark – a record that many thought would never be eclipsed.

But hey, they play a different style of basketball that’s for sure. And the Warriors recent improbable comeback against the Thunder almost makes me want to say Steph did it better…but how can you go against Your Highness? You just can’t.

It’s also worth noting thay Steph’s supporting cast may be a little stronger and have more depth, but again, that’s something that is up for interpretation, too.

What do you guys think? Jordan or Curry?