Tom Brady Gave A Hilariously Blunt Answer When Asked About Why He Takes Pay Cuts To Play For The Patriots

why tom brady takes pay cuts

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Tom Brady might not necessarily be the best quarterback in the NFL as far as raw statistics are concerned but I don’t think there are many teams out there that would turn down the opportunity to have arguably the greatest quarterback of all time on their roster (even if he is Certifiably Old).

Based on his stellar résumé, you’d think the Patriots would have to pay a pretty penny to retain Brady’s services but he’s continually given the team a hometown discount and, as we recently noted, left over $60 million on the table in the process while some of his other peers have cashed in.

Of course, Brady isn’t exactly destitute and still makes more money in a single year than most people will make over the course of their life. He’s also racked up a fair amount of cash thanks to endorsement deals with very on-brand companies like UGG and I’m sure he got at least something for his Oscar-worthy appearance in the cinematic classic that was Ted 2. 

On Thursday, Brady sat down with Jimmy Kimmel after destroying Matt Damon’s house to address a number of topics, including his decision to take pay cuts for the Pats.

When asked about the topic, he replied:

“I think the thing I’ve always felt for me and my life, winning [has] been a priority, and my wife makes a lot of money.”

Gisele reportedly makes over $1 billion a year thanks to deals with various companies—and we can’t forget her The Devil Wears Prada royaltiesso, yeah, I think it’s safe to say the family is doing just fine.

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