Wichita State Wins Missouri Valley Conference Title, Shirt Gets it Terribly Wrong

What does Wichita State have to do to get some goddamn respect around here?

After defeating Indiana State to win the Missouri Valley Conference tournament and extend their record to 34-0, the Shockers were served a reminder of the nation’s ambivalence.

Some careless or person — or a relative of Larry Bird — let the MVC title shirts go to the printers with the Sycamores locked in as winners.

The screen printing error fits right into the team’s “us against the world” underdog narrative, so coach Gregg Marshall was predictably cool with it.

 “Hey, hey!” a gleeful Gregg Marshall said upon seeing the shirts. “Someone get a picture of this.”

Marshall was asked Sunday whether he had a message for the skeptics who will be prowling Bracketville. Marshall said he did not. But then he doubled back a couple minutes later.

“I want to get back to you,” he said to the reporter who asked the question. “I might have an answer. I’m going to go with [Wichita State center] Chadrack Lufile’s tweet about two weeks ago: ‘Wolves do not fret over the opinions of sheep.’ “


[H/T: Yahoo!]