Wife Of NFL Star Spills Team Secrets On TikTok, Including Night Before Game Bedroom Rules

49ers linebacker Fred Warner with wife Sydney

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The last time we heard from San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner’s wife Sydney she was very upset with Eagles fans over her treatment during the NFC Championship Game.

Shocking, I know. Philadelphia sports fans behaving badly.

Over the weekend, Sydney Warner, a former contestant on The Bachelor, was back on TikTok spilling even more behind the scenes tea from her life as an NFL player’s wife.

In a two-part video series she titled “NFL SECRETS,” Sydney begins, “Get ready with me while I tell you guys some surprising things about the NFL that I didn’t know before meeting my husband.”

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“These are all things that are specific to our team, our organization, our city, and our situation,” she then clarified.

The first secret she shares is the fact that NFL players get a paycheck just like everyone else.

“For some reason, in my weird mind, I thought that, I guess,” she said, “like a Brinks truck just drove to their house and gave them a lump sum of cash, years at a time, I don’t know.”

Sydney Warner then shared that the night before games, both home and away, players are not allowed to spend it with their significant other.

“For away games they are obviously in a hotel, but if I choose to go to the same hotel, we’re not allowed to be in the same room and then home games they also sleep in a hotel,” she explained.

Her next secret involved tickets to games.

“All your tickets to games, home and away, aren’t free,” Sydney revealed. “They are at a discounted rate, but they’re not free.

As for when you see wives or girlfriends on the field getting their pictures taken with their player, “You have to ask for those passes and if you get cleared you get one, you don’t just get them every game. You have to ask and be approved.”

She also revealed that there is a daycare center for home games that they can use, the team provides food for the players to take home after games and the team also uploads film to each player’s iPad after the games.

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In her second TikTok video sharing NFL secrets, Sydney Warner reveals that anytime the players stay in a hotel for a game they have a 10:30 bed check.

She also touched on the NFL’s pension for players and the fact that at the 49ers’ facility there is a chef that prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s all free (and sometimes she has him bring home some of it because “it’s really good”).

Sydney Warner also revealed that when a player gets drafted the team flies him and his family out to discuss his future.

“They put his family through meetings of, like, ‘hey, your son is about to make a lot of money and you need to help him be healthy in his spending habits and don’t spend all of his money.’

“So, basically they put the players and their families into little meetings and crash course on gambling, saving your money, how to invest your money, and how not to spend all of your money and be broke in five, ten years.”

She also revealed that her husband Fred Warner gets mic’d up a lot during games because he’s a middle linebacker and when they get the audio back and listen to it, it’s hilarious.

Super Bowl tickets, unlike regular season games, are provided free to players by the team, but they are “in the nosebleeds,” she continued, adding that since the 49ers didn’t make the Super Bowl they can re-sell them.

The team also pays for her plane tickets if they make it to the Super Bowl, but otherwise if she wants to attend away games, it’s on her dime.

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