Fans React To Scottish Soccer Team Unveiling Statue Of Mel Gibson As William Wallace

William Wallace played by Mel Gibson

Getty Image / Sunset Boulevard / Corbis

  • The Scottish soccer team Brechin City F.C. unveiled a statue of Mel Gibson as William Wallace that immediately went viral on social media
  • Fans reacted with horror and delight at the monstrosity which many likened to a botched statue of Cristiano Ronaldo from a few years back
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The Brechin City Football Club proudly unveiled a statue of William Wallace over the weekend. Brechin City F.C. plays in the Scottish League Two (4th tier) and held an event to debut the statue that was actually Mel Gibson as William Wallace.

This was hilariously reminiscent of when an airport in Portugal unveiled a horrendous statue of Cristiano Ronaldo several years ago. Pictures and reactions to the William Wallace statue immediately went viral as people wouldn’t stop laughing at this abomination.

Here’s the Brechin City F.C. tweet that started it all:

Real-life renderings look absolutely nothing like Mel Gibson, for what it’s worth. He had a well-kempt beard and short curly hair. Mel Gibson’s version of Wallace was cleanly shaven and had long flowing hair. People on Twitter were quick to light this statue up. Here’s a picture of the real-life Sir William Wallace followed by the best fan reactions:

real-life William Wallace

Getty Image / Hulton Archive

Best Fan Reactions To New William Wallace Statue

I do feel for this small but proud Scottish club. You know they were incredibly excited to debut this William Wallace statue to fans and locals only for it to immediately become the laughing stock of the Internet.

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