NBA Forward Wilson Chandler Claims Going Vegan Fueled One Of The Best Seasons Of His Career

by 2 years ago

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Many of us hear the term ‘veganism’ and take it as seriously as an Adam Sandler movie. Vegans adhere to a strictly plant-based diet, forgoing all meats and animal products. No meat, no eggs, no dairy, no tacos, no pizza. Sounds like a prison sentence to me.

But many elite athletes are giving veganism a more serious look, including Damian Lillard and Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler.

The 30-year-old recently talked with Business Insider about conforming to veganism over a year ago on a tip from former NBA guard Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Plagued with injuries and health-related issues from 2011-2016, Chandler turned to veganism in an attempt to combat these nagging problems at the beginning of 2016.

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