Winnipeg Jets Fan Pours Entire Beer On His Head During Stanley Cup Playoff Pregame Broadcast

Hockey night in Canada, eh? I’ve been told there’s nothing like it, and that the amount of Molson Canadian consumed countrywide on an NHL playoff eve is far more than what it would take to kill off the earth’s entire moose population four times over via alcohol poisoning.

There’s no doubt in my mind the Winnipeg Jets fan above had his fair share of brews before unloading that entire beer onto his head as whatever hockey night broadcast he was attending went live. Love how you can tell he’s looking at the bar’s house feed to time his cue perfectly, because you know this booze dousing was absolutely premeditated. It doesn’t matter if it was done with pure drunken stupor or in reaction to a lost bet of some sorts, you have to love the move regardless. Just laying it all on the line for his team tonight.

His Jets will need all the hardcore passion and support they can get tonight, though, as they currently trail the Anaheim Ducks down 0-2 for the series in the first round of the NHL’s Western Conference Stanley Cup playoffs with tonight’s game 3 still in the balance in Winnipeg.


This fan’s exuberance just wasn’t enough to get it done tonight. Maybe if he’d of been on the ice and Dustin Byfuglien wasn’t too busy blindly cold-clocking Ducks players after they scored…
…things would’ve worked out differently for the Jets.

Winnepeg fell to Anaheim 5-4 in OT, and the Ducks are looking to finish up the series sweep when the teams reconvene Wednesday at 9:30PM EST. On the bright side, I don’t think this man will ever have a problem getting a free beer in the province Winnipeg again.

[h/t Sam M & Hockeymotto]