Here’s The Workout You Need To Become The Mayor Of Big Back City U.S.A.

When it comes to physique development, there’s nothing that signals you know what the fuck you’re doing quite like developing an impressive back. Plenty of people out there can workout their arms or do flyes until their chest looks okay. But building a big back? That’s next level shit. It takes time, heavy weights, and a varied approach.

Why? Because in case you haven’t noticed, your back is pretty large. It’s that thing that you can’t always see in the mirror, and because of that it winds up getting neglected. Which is a shame, because that harms your overall look.

Why does the back play such a big part of your overall look?

A well developed back signifies strength and virility. Seriously, from an evolutionary perspective having a well-developed back shows that you’re strong, resilient, and capable of providing.

All traits that women tend to find absurdly sexy, in case you were wondering. A big back shows a woman that you’re able to look out for her, and it shows other men that you’re not to be fucked with.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, that timeless v-taper look that most dudes crave is a direct reflection of back development. This all plays into taking advantage of evolutionary desires. Women desire a man who has broad shoulders, a strong back, and a smaller waist. You can only get your waist so small, but you can widen your back and shoulders.

Oh, and you also look a hell of a lot better in clothes.

Fashion is something most bros should care about, there’s no doubt. Looking like you know what you’re doing with your life and can keep up with current trends is important. What’s also important is that clothes always look better on a fit dude.

If you’ve trained and developed a good back, those tight fitting shirts, sweaters, parkas, or anything else are all going to look a hell of a lot better on you than most others.

So how do you build a massive back? Aside from the obvious answer of workout a ton? It does take time, but it also takes a well-rounded and intelligent approach.

You can’t just walk into the gym and decide to do dumbbell rows all damn day and get what you’re looking for. You’ve got to hit the back from all angles, and with a ton of volume. Because it’s so large, it needs more stimuli to grow.

That’s why in this back workout you’re going to see row variations, pull downs and chin-ups, as well as farmer carries, all various movements that cause the back to work either through contraction, or static holds.

Give this workout a try a couple of times over the next 6 weeks. You’re guaranteed to notice a major change in how your clothes fit, and how women are now crawling all over you, which you’ll be able to handle, because you’ve now got a strong back.

The workout:

  • Barbell rows 4×8

– Choose a weight that is a struggle, but not so heavy you’re failing at rep 8. Make sure you’re bent over enough to where your spine is parallel to the floor.

  • Heavy lat pulldowns 4×12

– Go with a wide grip here. Pull down to your chin, and hold for a 1 second contraction.

  • 1 arm dumbbell rows 4×8

– I like working in a slow controlled motion with these. I prefer a 1 second pause at the top, and a 2 second negative portion of the lift.

  • Weighted chin-ups 4×8

– If you can’t do weighed chins, then do normal chins. Remember, chin ups are where your palms are facing you.

  • Rear delt flyes 3×12

– This is a vanity move that will help rear delt development. Don’t use momentum to move the weight, and make sure your spin angle is close to parallel to the floor.

  • Farmer walks 3×40 yards

– Shoot for carrying half your bodyweight in each hand. Stand tall, pull your shoulders back, and squeeze your abs. I also like to hold these in a half shrug position, to get my traps even more work.