The World’s Fastest, Most Terrifying Pitching Machine Throws 143 MPH

You know how on auto racing and skiing telecasts they’ll set up a still camera to show just how damn fast the cars and skiiers are going? Standing in to bat against this insane pitching machine has to feel like being one of those cameras. Hell, it feels like that just watching the video.

Of course this instrument of death, the Shizuoka Prefecture pitching machine – the world’s fastest at a speed of 143 MPH (230 KM/H), is in none other than Japan, because where else would it be? (Of note: that’s 38 MPH faster than the fastest recorded pitch in MLB history set by Aroldis Chapman in 2010.)

Naturally, a reporter over there decided to risk his own personal safety in an attempt to hit against this death machine and, you guessed it, came away with nothing but air and a “You Did Your Best” card.

Check out this beast and see if you’d stand even a sliver of a chance.