Awwww Yea 120-Yard Long Sausage Cooked On A 120-Yard Long Grill

Action News 2

Awww yea. I know how much you bros love a delicious sausage, so I figured this might whet your appetite. A whole 120 yards of sausage, bratwurst to be precise, cooked on a custom-made, 120-yard grill.

It was whipped up by the concessions company at Lambeau Stadium, weighing in at 250 pounds. They had to custom make a grill to cook it. Because ain’t no one got a 120-yard long grill laying around the house.

This now makes Green Bay home to the world’s largest bratwurst. Check out the video below from Action News 2, which if you watch until the end, will treat you to one of the finest owns ever dished.

[Via Eater]