Here Are The 6 Worst Golfers To Be Stuck With On The Course And You’re Probably One Of These Guys

Worst Types of Golfers

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“I was driving it 400 yards in the simulator…”

Golf can be an incredibly frustrating game but those 18 holes can be much more annoying when stuck with one of these characters.

Oh You Betcha, the guy who brought us the 5 stages of day drinking, is at it again with this hilariously true look at the worst types of golfers to be stuck on the course with all day.

There’s the equipment snob guy, the advice guy, the “that would have been a good one” guy, the guy who’s a little too supportive, the distance snob and the putting etiquette hardo.

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I was driving it 400 yards in the simulator…🏌️

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I’d like to add one more golfer to the list. The “ugh, what am I doing today?!?” guy. After every slice, ball in the woods, overshot green, three-putt, and swing, the rhetorical question of “what am I doing today?!” because everyone is asking the same question in their heads.

I’m that guy, but to follow up, I like to remind people I don’t play that often. As if that’s not obvious by my final score of 110.

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