WWE Bans Another Word So Wrestlers Will Just Have To Come Up For Another Name For Groupies

In case you haven’t been watching WWE’s Tough Enough (don’t bother, it’s fixed) there was a little altercation between two of the female contestants. One of the ladies called another lady a “ring rat”  and all hell broke loose.

Here’s the moment from WWE Network:

The WWE is now banning that word.

If you don’t know wrestling speak, ring rat is another way to say “groupie” or “young lady who parts the vagina in order to gain favor with a professional wrestler.” Every line of work has groupies. You should see the number women who want to bang bloggers. Sadly, that number is three.

Since ring rat made it’s WWE debut, the organization wants to squashed the word, adding it to the ever-growing list of words WWE employees are forbodden to say.

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