WWE Fan Hops Railing To Walk Ramp With Seth Rollins, Is Lucky Rollins Didn’t Crush Him



While WWE wrestlers are supposed to be some of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet, taking collapsable chairs to the head and falling from steal cages 15-feet high, there are times where it’s obvious they even get a little freaked out.

One of those moments happened during Monday Night Raw last night, when, during Seth Rollins’ entrance towards the ring to meet John Cena and the Prime Time Players in a six-man tag match during the night’s main event, a fan hopped a barrier and actually walked down the ramp with the World Heavyweight and U.S. Champ.


Trying to keep character, Rollins looks at the guy without much of a care in the world, but, after watching the video a couple times, appears to be holding back the thing he really wanted to do—and should’ve done—which is just deck the fuck out of the crasher.

Cameras even showed Cena yelling and pointing to what was going on during his rival’s entrance, proving that these guys have to break character on occasion.

Rather than get laid-out by the champ—or the other five guys awaiting Rollins in the ring—the fan just got tackled by security and probably spent the night in jail. Not a terrible price to pay considering he, presumably, didn’t have any broken bones from Rollins and got to feel it was like to walk into a WWE match. Well, for a few seconds, anyway.

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