Neville’s Leg Injury On WWE Raw Was Absolutely Legit And Looks Pretty Damn Gruesome In Slo-Mo

In a match between Chris Jericho and Neville on Monday Night Raw, it certainly appeared that the “The Man That Gravity Forgot” injured himself pretty badly on a slide under Jericho that went terribly wrong, including the part where referee Charles Robinson didn’t notice what the hell actually happened.

At one point you can actually hear Jericho scream “he’s hurt!” which of course forced him to force a DQ so Neville could get the hell out of the ring.

First assumption? This is just part of another captivating storyline. But it wasn’t. Check out the cringe-worthy sequence in slo-mo. Consider yourself sternly warned before hitting that play button.

I’m almost relieved the camera angle changes as the ankle begins to go the wrong way. Because it’s brutal enough as it is.

Here’s Neville shortly afterwards, speaking with doctors and learning just how badly his ankle was injured.

Mock the scripted sport all you want, but these guys take a beating and you have to feel for the dude. While the good news is he won’t need surgery, he’s still expected to miss 2 to 3 months.


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