WWE Champion Seth Rollins Out A Reported 6 To 9 Months With Severe Knee Injury

seth rollins wwe knee injury report

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As we reported on Wednesday night WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins appeared to have suffered a serious knee injury while performing in Ireland.

Turns out the injury was as serious as many expected and Rollins will be out a reported six to nine months with a torn ACL, MCL and medial meniscus according to WWE.com.

They also report that they will now hold a tournament at Survivor Series to determine a new World Champion in place of the scheduled Rollins vs. Roman Reigns match.

Below is the video we shared last night showing how Rollins injured his knee in his match against Kane.


And here’s a pretty gruesome screencap which certainly explains why Seth Rollins will be out of action for some time.


H/T Jonathan Coachman

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