WWE Smackdown Results: Randy Orton Is Still Sad, Still Wants Roman Reigns

WWE Smackdown resultsRandy Orton is back from his pity party on Raw and kicks off the WWE Smackdown results with a promo on Roman Reigns.

Orton claims Reigns “won a battle but not the war” but it feels like Reigns has been winning more than a majority of the battles, won the war when it involved The Shield and Evolution, and besides the ambush on Raw Orton’s not really pushing Reigns back to his side of the battlefield.

Orton will take on RVD tonight and Reigns should consider the match “an example of what’s going to happen to him the next time the two meet” and let’s just pretend we don’t know it’s going to be at Night of Champions.

Before we move on with these WWE Smackdown results, let’s take a moment to talk about the kinda-new voice on the show. Tom Phillips, the lead voice for NXT and The Main Event, is now the third member of the Smackdown announce team. I both like and hate this move. First, my likes — Tom is solid on the mic, doesn’t usually take the attention away from the performers and doesn’t resort to filler or saying stuff just because it’s quiet or because he feels he’s got to add voice to the picture. I hate this because I don’t like three-man teams. Too many voices clamoring to make a point. I hate it in sports and I hate it in wrestling. I’m hoping the Phillips addition just leads to a Cole or JBL subtraction. Back to the WWE Smackdown results.

Seth Rollins will dance with Jack Swagger who’s still minus Zeb. Zeb’s dead baby. Zeb’s dead. Rollins hits a curb stomp outside of the ring, no magic concrete blocks are involved, and picks up the win via count out. After the match, Bo Dallas hits the top of the ramp reminds Swagger to keep “Bo-lieving” and don’t be a “Jack Zero” and I’m still not sure if he’s trying to start a feud, convert Swagger into a “bo-liever” or just offer his designated driver services. “All you’ve got to do it bo-call my cell. I’ll drive.”

The Miz begs Gene from accounting (Kane) for another title shot against Dolph Ziggler. Kane says no, but instead, puts The Miz in a match with Roman Reigns. So basically, The Miz asked his pseudo-boss for a promotion and his boss said “no, but I’ll let you clean the toilets instead” and Kane continues to fill his human resources folder full of potential complaints.

Rusev squashes Sin Cara. This is a good time to state that I’m all for the WWE bringing back jobbers. Instead of wrestlers like Sin Cara getting squashed every week or Zack Ryder getting iced for months, the WWE needs enhancement talent to make guys like Rusev look good while still making it appear as if Sin Cara has a chance of ever making a move up the ladder again (he doesn’t, but other wrestlers have a shot). Why not bring in local indy guys or NXT talent that isn’t quite ready to make the full time leap to the majors? Those guys often get repackaged — unless their NXT gimmick is solid — so it’s not as though WWE fans will go “hey, isn’t this the guy Rusev ate like a Snickers bar about five months ago on Smackdown?” Just a thought. I’m sure there are valid reasons since I “don’t know the business.”

Rob Van Dam is backstage. Hopefully he’ll elaborate about why he’s being such a dick about the ALS ice bucket challenge but NOPE Randy Orton attacks and eventually spills out into the ring. Orton continues the beating until both men are counted out. So that’s the message Orton wanted to send to Roman Reigns. Orton is going to fight you until he’s disqualified, Roman Reigns. Be warned.

Natalya gets a rematch against Paige in ANOTHER non-title match. AJ Lee comes skipping out once again, runs distraction, and picks up another victory over Paige. That’s two straight wins over the champion in non-title matches so can AJ Lee really even be considered the number #1 contender anymore?

The Dust Busters — Stardust and Goldust — battle the Wyatt Family of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The Dust Brothers get the win but take a savage beating on the outside. I’m all for the Wyatts losing matches but distributing beatings to opponents long after the bell. If they don’t care about wins or losses, it makes sense for their characters, but it would also make sense as to why they never win the tag titles. They should cheat every match, get DQed, and continue to beat opponents into mush.

Roman Reigns beats The Miz with a spear and The Miz has gone from Intercontinental Champion to after thought in a couple weeks. He deserves better.

After the match, Orton and Reigns lock eyes and kiss. Kidding. They have a stare down and brawl to close the show and bring these WWE Smackdown results to a close.

WWE Smackdown Results — August 22, 2014

Seth Rollins defeats Jack Swagger
Rusev defeats Sin Cara
Natalya defeats Paige
Golddust and Stardust defeat Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Roman Reigns defeats The Miz

So what did you think of the WWE Smackdown results? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @chrisilluminati.

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