WWE Smackdown Spoilers: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, RVD’s Final Match

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WWE Smackdown spoilers

These are the WWE Smackdown spoilers for the August 29, 2014 episode of Smackdown on Syfy. Again, these are WWE Smackdown spoilers so if you don’t want the show ruined, stop reading. This is your final warning. This is me saying stop reading because I don’t want to hear any crying.

I hate when you people cry. You do that cry talk where you can’t catch your breath. It’s embarrassing.

WWE Smackdown spoilers

WWE SmackDown begins with Roman Reigns taking on Bray Wyatt in a singles match. Roman Reigns picks up the victory by disqualification after Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attack him on the outside. The Wyatt Family continues the assault on Roman Reigns until Big Show and Mark Henry storm the ring and make the save.

Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam in his final match with the WWE. Van Dam’s contract with the WWE has expired and he expressed little interest in resigning and continuing his run with the company. Rob Van Dam has already been announced as the headliner for the Legends of the Ring show in Monroe, NJ on September 20th.

Paige defeated Emma and, here’s some WWE Smackdown spoilers that shouldn’t be spoilers at all, AJ Lee skipped to the ring after the match to present Paige with a box of chocolates. Paige takes a healthy bite of nougat and spits it out at Emma. AJ Lee picks up the chews pieces and eats it and I’m not even sure the best of friends do that.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger and these WWE Smackdown spoilers feel like they were just copy and pasted from the Raw results. These two wrestle more than brothers sharing the same bedroom. Bo Dallas ran interference causing Swagger to lose the match, then attacked after the bell in retribution for Swagger’s attack on Raw.

Jey Uso wrestled Stardust in a singles match, and after Jey picked up the victory, the Dust Brothers continued the beatdown on the Usos that they started on Raw.

Damien Sandow resumes his role as body double for the movie star The Miz and takes on Sheamus. So, two shows as a body double, two matches against champions. These are the biggest matches for Sandow in the last few years, which is sad, but true. Sheamus picks up the win over Damien Mizdow. The Miz hits the ring to pearl harbor Sheamus but Ziggler makes the save and tosses The Money Maker back into the ring. Miz dodges a Brogue kick and high tails it through the crowd.

Because of the open segment involving Reigns, Black & Wight (I’m gonna keep calling them that until they get a proper team name), and the Wyatts, the main event is announced to include Roman Reigns teaming with The Big Show and Mark Henry to take on the entire Wyatt clan. Reigns and Black and Wight pick up the win and pose in the ring to end these WWE Smackdown results. So for those counting at home, Bray Wyatt lost four matches on two TV shows in one week. Un-bo-lievable.

WWE Smackdown spoilers (quick results)

Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt
Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam
Paige defeated Emma
Rusev defeated Jack Swagger
Jey Uso defeated Stardust
Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow
Roman Reigns, The Big Show and Mark Henry defeated The Wyatt Family

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