WWE Superstars Took Conor McGregor Behind The Woodshed In Response To His ‘Apology’ For Calling Them P*ssies

The WWE’s response to Conor McGregor calling their roster a bunch of ‘messed up pussies’ was swift and abundant. From Roman Reigns calling McGregor ‘the size of his leg’ to Kurt Angle imploring him to get his head out of Dana White’s ass, WWE icons old and new have taken well-deserved shots at the current UFC Featherweight Champion.

Maybe McGregor thinks MMA fighters really are juiced up pussies, or maybe he’s laying the initial groundwork for a provocative transition into the WWE when his UFC career ends. I’d say it’s a toss up at this point, but if he’s looking that far into the future, I’d advise him to step back and focus on the biggest fight of his life on August 20th.

I’ll leave you guys with Ric Flair’s finest WWE moments. What a legend.

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