WWE Legend The Undertaker Has A Very Unusual Phobia And Owen Hart Used To Torture Him With It

For nearly three decades, the Undertaker struck fear in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans across the world with his formidable stature, scare tactics, and chill-inducing entrance song. The 6’10”, 300+ pound monster was the reason I slept with a night light as a kid until I was 18.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine that the man who stuffed himself in a coffin for 27 years is afraid of any worldly object, but when you strip away the top hat and trench coat, The Undertaker reverts back to his birth name, Mark William Calaway–a big softie.

Before his death in 2013, The Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer confirmed an urban legend that had been floating around WWE circles for years.

“He cannot stand cucumbers… I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a waffle house because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea.”

“It was something to do with when he was a kid… I guess his mother made him eat them when he didn’t want them, or something.

“He just hates cucumbers.”

Bearer also confessed to pranking his much larger friend by sticking cucumber slices in his hats and gloves, News AU reports.

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Bearer’s pranks were child’s play in comparison to those of WWE prankster Owen Hart, may God rest his soul. Long-time WWE official Bruce Prichard spoke about it on his “Something to Wrestle” Podcast.

“Owen put cucumbers in the bottom of the iced tea so that when Taker drank the tea and drank it back, he didn’t realize the cucumbers were in there until it was looking at his face.”

Hart would also slip cucumber slices into The Taker’s boots so they’d squish into his feet. He would also conceal cucumber slices in his tights and retrieving them before holding The Master of Pain in a headlock, forcing his opponent to confront his phobia or break character. Savage.

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P.S. This really made me miss Owen Hart.

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[h/t News AU]

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