WWE Wrestler Randy Orton Goes On Expletive-Laden Rant Blasting Rapper Soulja Boy For Calling Wrestling Fake

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WWE superstar Randy Orton wasn’t going to let Soulja Boy slander the WWE on his watch.

On Monday night, the ‘Crank That’ rapper took to social media to randomly mock wrestling for being “fake” while comparing it to the current rap game.

Orton took offense to Soula Boy’s tweet and wanted to make sure to let the rapper know that while the results of a wrestling match are predetermined, professional wrestling is still very real considering how many wrestlers suffer injuries throughout their careers.

Soulja Boy didn’t like the way Orton was talking to him and things then got heated between the two.

Maybe we can lock Orton and Soulja Boy inside an Octagon and they can settle their differences while in there.