XFL Head Coach Throws Entire Team Under The Bus During Halftime Report

XFL team Orlando Guardians

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The XFL is in Week 2 of its season and already we have some drama building within the league.

However, heads turned after Terrell Buckley, a former first-round pick in the NFL turned head coach, threw his entire team under the bus.

The San Antonio Brahmas have been dominating most of the game against the Orlando Guardians. Buckley was asked about what changes the Guardians must make to get back into the contest.

Rather than giving a typical head coach answer, Terrell Buckley basically threw his entire team under the bus. I guess you could say the XFL is built different after all.

He just straight up says, “we gotta get different guys,” and continued to bash his team during the interview.

At the very least, we just appreciate the honesty. It’s kind of refreshing. Most coaches would go on about playing more aggressive defense and controlling the clock more. But that’s not the case here in the XFL.

No, instead we have a head coach straight up saying he needs different players on the field.

If that’s how Buckley truly feels then this is probably going to be a long season. Even if the XFL season is only 10 weeks long.

But hey, with the rules the XFL has in place you can’t really count a team out. Maybe the Guardians can surprise the Brahmas with some late-game shenanigans. If not, well, at least we have this gem of a clip available.

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