Already Missing Football? The Rock’s XFL Season is Kicking Off On Saturday

Frederick J. Brown

Michael Owens/Getty Images

With the 2022 NFL season finally wrapped up after the conclusion of the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVII, people are already looking for their next football fix. The XFL is coming back just in time.

Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has brought XFL back this year, after the league had not just one but two collapses since it was initially founded in 2001 by WWF head Vince McMahon.

The new version of the XFL kicks off on Saturday, February 18th. The league consists of eight teams: Seattle, DC, St. Louis, Vegas, Arlington, Houston, San Antonio and Orlando.

Familiar Names From The NFL

NFL fans will recognize some of the names on those XFL rosters, including former Browns star receiver Josh Gordon and former Falcons 1st round pick and Sack leader Vic Beasley.


XFL Highlights

While the original XFL didn’t last long, it did provide some amazing moments, such as “I still have a pulse, let’s play football!”

And the unforgettable “He Hate me.”


Despite a strong early going in 2001, the league suffered poor ratings which ultimately lead to the original league folding after only one season.

The XFL returned in 2020, but had to be shutdown again, this time after only five weeks, due to COVID-19. That version of the XFL filed for bankruptcy and ended getting sold.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joined a group that bought the XFL out of bankruptcy for $15 million.

How You Can Watch

The XFL games will be aired on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. WIth each game also streaming on ESPN+.