XFL Quarterback Reportedly Cut From Team After Giving Opposing Team Plays From QB Playbook

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We’re less than one month into the latest revival of the XFL and we’ve already got more drama than the NFL could ever hope to manufacture.

Forget about Spygate. Forget about Deflategate and forget about Super Bowl turf.

Now all anyone is talking about Playbookgate.

What is Playbookgate? Good question!

Reports began to surface Friday morning that the Orlando Guardians released quarterback Quinten Dormady just two weeks into the season.

This was particularly weird considering Dormady replaced starter Paxton Lynch in the opening game of the season. He went 12-of-18 for 142 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

But now it appears the release was for good reason.

Ambush Sports Network reported that Dormady allegedly shared his playbook with an opposing team. The report states that the team then investigated the incident prior to Dormady’s release.

The report is not-yet confirmed. But Dormady has since gone private on Instagram and disabled all comments. If true, it would be a shocking hit to the upstart league.

It’s also just the latest in a number of embarrassing incidents for the Orlando Guardians.

Head coach Terrell Buckley threw the entire team under the bus recently. While third-string quarterback Deondre Francois was heard cursing out his teammates in a huddle.

Though not everyone is blaming Dormady for the latest incident.

“I’m not absolving Dormady of blame here if this report is true – but this seems like an unintended consequence of having a hub where players share hotels and plane rides with players from other teams. That temptation to do this may not have been there had they all been sequestered in their own cities,” one message board user said.

Dormady’s profile no longer exists on the team roster page. His stats have also been removed from the official team and XFL websites.

So while the reasoning for his release is still unknown, it appears he is gone from the team.