The XFL Unveiled Logos And Names For Its 8 Teams And Everyone Thought Clip Art Could’ve Done A Better Job

Twitter had some hilarious reactions to the teams and logos of the new XFL cities

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The XFL returns next February, and, if you’re a football fan who remembers the first installment of the wrestling-like league back in the year 2000, you’re probably a little bit skeptical about what’s in store. While I don’t doubt Vince McMahon and Commissioner Oliver Luck have some interesting rules and ideas to play with, I wonder if the league’s going to be second class, and not really bring the excitement the two may think. Then again, the two are much smarter than I am, so they probably know what they’re doing.

While the first XFL league brought us players like “He Hate Me” and gave us behind-the-scenes coverage from locker rooms and inside the huddle, the play on the field didn’t quite live up to the hype back then. Folding after just one season, can the new XFL be better? That’s left to be seen. But, after unveiling the logos and names of the eight teams, the league definitely didn’t do itself any favors, because the Internet thought the designs and names were pretty awful.

Here’s a look at a tweet from Darren Rovell with the logos and team names.

I’m not a graphic designer — after all, I still pay for shit on Fiverr to be designed for me — but, damn, who the hell did these for the XFL? They’re boring. They’re generic. They’re like pee-wee football team bad.

Naturally, once the Internet discovered these things, they unleashed on what their eyes were looking at. Just look at some of the reactions people had on Twitter.

The XFL may have fumbled the team names and logos, but they did release some pretty cool videos for each of the eight cities, so at least they didn’t completely botch the unveiling today. Take a look below at a few of those videos.

If you live in Seattle like I do, I’m sure you’re stoked to root on the Seattle Dragons with me once the XFL kicks off next year. Yeah, I’m inserting heavy sarcasm there, because that’s just terrible.

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