XFL Refs Go Viral For Hilarious Mic’d Up Discussion Over Childish Water Bottle Squirting Penalty

A group of XFL referees discuss a call.

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An XFL official is going viral for his hilarious call after a player squirted a judge with his water bottle. It’s quickly becoming the next great referee ruling.

Fans online were quick to react to the comical moment, which occurred in a matchup between the Houston Roughnecks and the DC Defenders.

The XFL has already provided viewers with drama as they watched the Quinten Dormady saga unfold this month. The quarterback was accused of sharing his playbook with an opponent.

Dormady was cut from the team before later being reinstated. Now, though, the league is providing comedy.

I was immediately reminded of Ron Cherry upon watching the clip and his famous “giving him the business” call.

In this instance, though, it seems a prop was used which led to this hilarious ruling.

Houston defensive back Ajene Harris apparently squirted an XFL official with his water bottle on the sidelines.

While the call in and of itself is funny, a mic’d up discussion by the referees on the ruling makes it all-the-more better.

“Where was he, on the sideline?” the ref asked.

“Correct. Behind me,” the squirted associate answered.

“No. 3? Squirting water?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You got it.”

Fans quickly reacted to the exchange on social media.

Many want to see these conversations trickle over into the college and NFL game.

Props to the referee making the call to keep it together. Even the guys in the booth lost it after hearing the initial ruling.

The Roughnecks would go on to lose the game, 37-26, to fall to 4-2 on the year.

Jacob Elsey
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