Yahoo! News Accidentally Posting This Unfortunate Jose Fernandez Pitching Headline After His Death Is Cringe-City

Yesterday, the sports world was shaken up by the tragic passing of one of baseball’s best young superstars, Jose Fernandez. He was just 24.

The news was, by all metrics, the biggest story of the day. Just yesterday, we at BroBible covered it here, here, and here. Point being, by now, even the most casual of interneters know who Jose Fernandez is, the impact he had on the Cuban and Cuban American community, and the child-like, infectious enthusiasm in which he approached his craft. It was impossible to avoid. Even my mom texted me: “Jose Fernandez. How sad.” and my mom doesn’t know how many innings are in a baseball game.

So it was extra shocking to see an online publication, one whose primary job it is to bring timely, accurate information, post an article with the headline ‘Mets face Fernandez Monday after Marlins give him extra day’s rest’ early Monday morning.

Screenshotted by Deadspin:

Now I’m going to stop short of nailing Yahoo! to the cross on this one, as they certainly had this automated to post prior to the tragedy, but still, twelve hours later. Button it up.

[h/t Deadspin]

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