LAST CHANCE! Enter To Win $4K In Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em

Selections for the Tournament have come and gone and plenty of teams missed their chance to get in on the action. If only they had one more shot at the tournament.

The bad news is they don’t have a shot but the good news is you’ve still got a chance to enter Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em. Entry is simple — just join our BroBible Pool and sign up with your own Yahoo username and password. Make your picks, lock them in, and then scream your face off when a 13 beats a 4 seed and kills your entire bracket.

The user who finishes in first place at the end of the tournament wins the $4k prize.

Contest details: Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’em is using the standard tournament rules and points system. So review the rules and points system before entering.

Don’t miss your chance to enter. The entry deadline is 11:59AM EST on Thursday, March 17, 2016.