Yankees Prospect Issued The Saddest Check In Baseball History

The life of a minor league ball player isn’t all groupies and seeing the country from the window of a charter bus. Alright, it is, but those are the good things. And I forgot to mention playing baseball for a living. Playing baseball for about .00025% of the amount of salary of the average major leaguer. But some day….

Some day might come soon for New York Yankees prospect Jake Hernandez or it might never come at all. The best Hernandez can do is grind it out, play his best, and keep cashing the saddest checks in baseball history.

The Yankees’ $211 million payroll just took a huge blow when the team was forced to cut a check to minor leaguer Jake Hernandez. The catcher/first baseman, who was signed as an undrafted free agent out of USC last season, tweeted out a $0.75 check he received from the team. I have no idea what the payment was for and Hernandez has since deleted the tweet.

Hopefully Jake cashed the check and spent it on something nice like….yeah, I’ve got nothing.

[H/T: Hot Clicks]