Yasiel Puig Nearly Took Out Matt Kemp With a Thrown Bat


Yasiel Puig is going to do whatever he wants on a baseball field. And while that may be distracting and awkward at times, his immense talent makes it easy for the Los Angeles Dodgers to put up with all the antics.


But his latest episode was just plain dangerous. Frustrated after popping up against the Atlanta Braves, Puig fired his lumber directly at Matt Kemp, who had to skirt out of the way.

Puig, who is usually either flipping bats or snapping them with his bare hands, would be well-advised to not make this particular trick part of his repertoire.

Magic Johnson may be made of money, but he’s not going to be happy if he has to find an immediate replacement for one of his stars. And by not happy I mean he’ll probably only smile THIS wide.

[Via Cut4]



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