YES Network Announcers Eulogize Sports Reporter Who, It Turns Out, Isn’t Actually Dead

YES Network Announcers Eulogize Sports Reporter Who Isnt Dead

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During Sunday night’s New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays game, YES Network announcers gave a thoughtful and touching eulogy for longtime New York sports reporter Bob Trainor.

Just one problem. He’s still alive.

“Sad news,” YES Network announcer Michael Kay said during Sunday’s broadcast. “If you’ve ever been around a Major League ballpark in any of the sporting events in New York – football, basketball, hockey – you saw Bob Trainor there, and he passed away today. 40 year fixture in all of the clubhouses, and our condolences go out to Bob’s family and friends.

“He was really part of the fabric of New York Sports, and he was one to collect sound and the voices you would hear on the radio, that could be the sound that Bob Trainor picked up.

“So, he passed away, and again, our condolences go out to his family and friends.”

Something about the YES Network tribute to Bob Trainor seemed off to one viewer

When local radio news anchor Mike Mancuso heard the tribute to Bob Trainor he had a funny feeling about it. So he decided to do a little investigating which resulted in him receiving a phone call the next day from … Bob Trainor.

Good news for the friends and family of Bob Trainor!

In fairness, YES Network was far from alone in paying tribute to the longtime member of the New York sports media.

Wonder how it feels to read your own memorial when you’re still alive?

At least everyone had very nice things to say.

Many others who know Bob Trainor were very relieved to hear that he was, in fact, not dead.

Fact-checking things like a person’s dead before talking about it on the air is overrated anyway.

At least Nick Castellanos wasn’t batting when they gave the eulogy.

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